LP TANK WANTED – 500 gallon. Call 763-227-3037.  7-11s

OLD ITEMS WANTED – Fishing lures, beer items, Meeker County advertisement items. Call 320-593-3920.  7-11s

OFFICE SPACE WANTED – Private professional office for one individual in Delano or surrounding area. Must be well kept. Access can be limited to business hours if no separate entrance is available. Sparse customer traffic. Email: info@c-t-s.xyz or call/text 320-626-6199.  6-10s

PT WORK WANTED – Teenage honor student with reliable car, looking for part-time work. Willing to run errands, clean homes, do yard work, or baby sit. I enjoy working with elderly persons or families. I am a compassionate person who is dedicated to getting any job done well. Call Ellie at 320-223-3326.  5-9s

OLD MOTORCYCLES – Wanting old motorcycles, mini bikes, or mopeds, running or not. Cash paid. Call 320-282-4999.  5-9s

TYPEWRITER WANTED – Looking to buy IBM Correcting Selectric III typewriter. In mint condition. Call 320-275-2929.  4-8s

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