BEBO TRUCKING – Hauling grain, gravel, granite, and decorative rock. Competitive rates. Call Al 612-735-4808. 29tfc

HAY – Small squares, $4.50 each. Approximately 100 bales oats hay, uncombined, $3 per bale. 1,000 lb. round bales, net wrapped, $45 each. Approximately 800 lb. round bales oats hay, $40 each. Cash only. Call 612-203-4203  24-28s

TRACTOR – Case VAC tractor. Call 612-232-2058.  24-28s

WANTED TO RENT – Small operation looking to expand. Wanting to rent cropland 2021 and beyond. Call Scott 612-723-3960.  24-28s

GRAVITY WAGON – Demco 650, cement tires, good condition. Field-ready. $9,750 or best offer. Call 612-723-3960.  24-28s

CORNSTALK BALES – 4×5 net wrapped, clean, very dry. $45 each, Buffalo area. Call 612-790-4191.  23-27s

SHEEP RAM –  4 years old, Suffolk-Hampshire cross. Call 763-286-0590.  23-27s

TRACTOR TIRE – 13.9-36 tractor tire, like new. Call 320-286-2005. 23-27s

WANTED – to buy 14.9-38 tractor tire. Good condition. Call 320-274-5992.  23-27s

SNOWBLOWER – Loftness 3-point snowblower, 8-foot, hydraulic spout, 540 PTO. $3,500. Silver Lake. Call 320-583-7062.  22-26s

GRAVITY BOXES – 3 gravity boxes for sale with running gear on flotation tires. $500 each. Call 612-327-6940.  22-26s

PLOW – International 710 plow, three bottom auto reset. $750. Call 612-327-6940.  21-25s

HAY FEEDER – Efficient hay feeder, suspends hay above ground, doesn’t allow animal to pull out a big wad, eat part, then drop the rest on the ground. Pays for itself with hay saved. Works with (all sizes of bales) little squares or big rounds or squares. horse or cow. Reversible, bottom gets rusty turn it upside down and use it for 12 more years. 2 for the price of one! Call 612-290-7979.  21-25s

FARMLAND TO RENT WANTED – Family dairy farm west of Lester Prairie looking for local farmland to rent for the 2021 crop year and beyond. Call Kraig 320-224-7253.  21-25p

HAY – Small squares, grass or alfalfa, no rain, stored inside, heavy bales . Call, leave message 763-972-2730.  20-24s

GEESE & GUINEAS – 10 White China geese ready for butchering. $10 each. 8 Guineas. $6 each. Call 320-395-2476.  20-24s

PIGEONS – Wild barn pigeons for dog training. $8 each. Call 320-395-2476. 20-24s

HAY – Small squares of grass hay, no rain, baled dry, and green. Call 320-274-5992.  20-24s

GRAIN DRYER – Tox-O-Wik grain dryer, possible to use or for parts. Call 320-274-5992. 20-24s

PUMP JACK – Duplex, for wells, in good condition. Call 320-238-2281. 20-24s

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