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3 Easy Classified Options

DEADLINE 9 a.m. Wednesdays

All classifieds run in the Herald Journal, Dassel-Cokato Enterprise Dispatch, Delano Herald Journal, website, and weekly email to list of classified readers.

BEST VALUE – Classified Display Ads
  • Boxed, larger type, logos, artwork, special type other than beginning key words, etc. 3-inch minimum (Ex. 2×1.5 or 1×3).
  • Classified Display $17.25/inch
  • Repeat, no copy changes $13.25/inch
  • Commissionable $19.46/inch
Additional Options

Base Rate

  • Events, Notices, Lost, Wanted, and situations that do not fit any other category
  • FREE to subscribers if not of a business nature or for an organization.
  • 40 words allowed, additional words 40¢ each per week.
  • Beginning key words are bold & caps. Any special treatment beyond that (more bold type, more caps, larger type, border, artwork, logo, extra spacing, etc.) means ad is “classified display.”
  • No charge for Found and Giveaway ads.
  • 1 or 2 weeks: $20

Services, Rentals & Employment

  • 40 words allowed. Extra words 40¢ each per week.
  • 1 week $20
  • 2 weeks $32
  • 3 weeks $42
  • Additional weeks $12.50/week
  • Long-term contract $50/month

Sure Sell Items

  • $20 per ad
  • Runs until item is sold, up to 5 weeks.
  • 1 item per ad, must include asking price.
  • FREE to subscribers, except real estate ads; others paid in advance.
  • No refunds for cancelled ads.
  • 40 words allowed. Extra words 40 cents each.

Real Estate Special

  • 1 col. x 3-inch boxed ad with photo, must follow standard format.
  • One listing/property per ad, same listing must appear each week.
  • 4-week ad, same copy: $66
  • 4-week ad, minor changes allowed: $76
  • $4 discount if these ads are prepaid.

Garage Sales

  • FREE to subscribers; others paid in advance.
  • 60 words allowed. Additional words 40¢ each.
  • 1 week: $20

Noon Wednesdays for display ads for newspapers, web, and digital distribution.

3 pm Wednesdays for newspapers, web, and digital distribution.

24 hours early near major holidays.

To place an ad:

Herald Journal (320) 485-2535
Enterprise Dispatch (320) 286-2118
Delano Herald Journal (763) 972-1028
Fax (320) 485-2878

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